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Our Story

Cross Sound Church began in 1996 with a group of people who felt the call to launch a new expression
of the Gospel on Bainbridge Island. For 20 years, not a single new church had come to the Island. And
while the local churches were a good representation of various expressions of the Christian faith, the
launch team for Cross Sound Church believed there was room for an outreach and service-oriented body
of believers. The Rev. Paul Schuler moved his family here and served faithfully as our founding pastor
until 2011.

Rooted in the belief that the historic Christian Gospel is true, compelling, and promises to change
lives powerfully, in the direction of freedom, hope, and generosity, our theological commitments are
evangelical and Reformed. As evangelicals we are committed to the authority of Scripture and the
priority of God’s grace. Our Reformed heritage is reflected in such documents as the Westminster
Catechism of Faith and the Heidelberg Catechism.

Our approach to ministry is outward – intentionally partnering with community institutions and other
ministries in our area and throughout the world to meet the needs of people in many places. This
includes feeding the hungry, providing medical care for the sick, serving the poor and planting new
churches – both globally and locally.

We are a body of believers seeking to be both “salt and light” in our communities and around the world.