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Worship Services

10:00 a.m. Sundays at Bainbridge Island High School (Commons)


Worship at Cross Sound is the “acting out” of the gospel in a public setting – where we aim to make much of God, the captivating holiness and love of God through the confession of sin, the words of assurance and pardon, the receiving of grace, the proclamation of the Word, the offering of our lives, the prayers of the people, the sacrament of communion and the sending out to be “blessing-bearers” to our world. Not merely a gathering of the community of faith, our worship is intended to be a meeting of the triune God with His people. It’s an opportunity for the worshiper to express the inner reverence and sincere devotion to the true and living God.

Our intention is that you experience a warm, welcoming, inter-generational community with room for you and your family. The elements of worship are both ancient and modern, with liturgy that connects us to the church of old and music and preaching that is accessible and meaningful across generations.

Expect periods of silence and beauty along with moments of noisy chaos – inherent in a multi-generational experience. Our worship typically lasts 1.5 hours and both begins and ends with opportunities to engage with new people and old friends.