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The New Testament gives a breathtaking description of the birth of the church. Through Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and ascension people’s lives are changed as followers of Christ—a process involving baptism, teaching, and celebrating the Lord’s Supper in local fellowships. We’re told entire households were baptized, implying infants and children are included in baptism. Baptism doesn’t make anyone a Christian, but is the doorway into a covenant relationship with God.

A Confirmation class is offered for older children. Parents are encouraged to contact the pastors when they believe their child has a sincere profession faith in Jesus and an understanding of Holy Communion (typically, for children in grades 4 through 8).

Our “Intro to Cross Sound Church” is offered for high school students and adults as the means for church membership. Offered twice a year, in this class we describe who we are as a congregation: our history, vision, beliefs, mission, and values as well as opportunities to be equipped and to serve in ministry. Completing the “Intro” class doesn’t obligate someone to join the church but is necessary for church membership. Those not previously baptized, are done so at the time of being received as church members.