Church Life

We are a community that values relationships. Sunday morning, from the moment you walk in our doors, you will hear the chatter, smell the coffee and taste the “bagels and cheese” of life together. Our prelude to worship is composed of conversation and caring for one another. Our postlude to worship is checking in with those who we know and love and reaching out to those we don’t. We value including everyone in the community – reaching across generations, gender and interest groups, economic and social rankings, to live as one body. Sometimes we fail and need to be reminded of this value we hold so dearly. Often we succeed and it’s a time of celebration.

We develop and nurture relationships in several ways across the entire congregation:

After-Worship Luncheons – on a regular basis we enjoy meals together. Sometimes it is an opportunity for specific ministries or special groups to present their causes. Other times it is just a chance for folks to sit down together for a meal, get to know someone they don’t know very well, and be part of the larger Body of Christ as represented by Cross Sound Church.

Church-Wide Camp – provides an opportunity to get away from our ordinary lives and immerse ourselves in a community of faith, learning together, playing together and worshiping our Lord.