Community Groups

Cross Sound Community Groups are small groups of ten to sixteen members. The groups meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in homes. The time together is split among Bible study, personal application, and relationships.

Some of the groups will use “sermon-based” curriculum, while others will use curriculum of special interest to them. Sermon-based curriculum is lessons that are directly linked to the pastors’ Sunday morning sermons. These lessons allow the pastors to apply a common spiritual vision across the church family and each participant to have similar knowledge of the subject they will discuss.

There are three sessions per year: fall, winter, and spring. At the end of each session, participants have the choice of remaining in their group, joining a new group, or taking a break.

Those signing up will be placed into groups according to choice of group, choice of weeknight, life situation, and geographical area.

These groups are places where meaningful relationships are developed. They form support networks that provide the individual with support, inspiration, encouragement, and accountability. They are places where one can be prayed for as well as pray for others. In this environment, members experience community and are equipped for ministry.

We’re convinced that community groups are a part of every healthy church, which is why our goal is that we are not a church that has small groups, but rather a church of small groups.

If you are interested in trying out one of these community groups or finding out more information about a group that would work for you please contact Roger Barber

Who to contact regarding CSC Community Groups:
Roger Barber 206.780.7815
or email at

Community Group Leaders and when their groups meet;
Tom Applewhite,  Sunday Afternoon
Tom & Glenda Rose,  Sunday
Dan Morris & Joel Narva, Sunday
Dave Sellers, Tuesday
Bruce and Deby Berkimer, Wednesday
Rob Zowoysky, Thursday
Dave O’Connell, Thursday
Linda Gordon & Roger Barber,  Saturday

Women’s Groups
Women’s Bible Study meets Wednesday 9-11 at Kol Shalom on Miller Rd.
For more information contact Carrie Sellers.

Men’s Groups
Men’s Bible Studies is open to all Friday mornings at the Church Office
6:30am to 7:30am.
For more information Contact Roger Barber at
or Martin Baylee at 206.661-8974 or

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)
Bible Study Fellowship International provides a four fold approach (self study, small group discussion, lecture and notes) to studying the Bible in a way that resonates with people of all learning styles. There are ten different studies (Genesis, Life of Moses, History of Israel and the Minor Prophets broken into two studies -> a kingdom united, and a kingdom divided; Isaiah, Matthew, John, Romans, The Acts of the Apostles (covering many epistles) and Revelation.

Classes are organized into: Evening Women’s, Evening Men’s and Young Adult (ages 18 – 35); all of which meet on Monday evenings; and Day women’s, which meets on Thursday mornings. Each class year is broken into 30 weeks, starting in early September. Join us in September 2015 for our first ever class year on the book of Revelation.

In addition to having a track on which to run for daily Bible study, all class members:
– Have a trained Group leader who prays for them by name every day.
– Are part of a discussion group of 10 – 15 adults who are roughly similar in age and Bible knowledge, though may be from any of 68 different churches (or no church) representing 17 different denominations. It’s a very interesting place to hear what people from other traditions believe.
– Have access to a number of seminars held throughout the year that encourage both individual growth and support of the local church as a whole. Topics include: personal quiet time, homiletics, sharing the gospel (not a traditional methods class, but simply teaching what the Gospel is, and how to put it in your own words), resources for further study (how to continue to self study without a weekly lesson from BSF), leading a small group (useful for training Sunday School teachers and community group leaders) and serving the church.

The Day Women’s class welcomes boys and girls from new born through Kindergarten; and the Evening Men’s and Women’s classes both offer a co-educational school program curricula for students grades 1 – 12, covering the same passage of Scripture as the adults.
Contact Jeff Ogard 360.779.3675 or Beth Johnston 206.842.6887 or visit the BSF website:

For more information about any of these groups, please review the church bulletin in the Recorded Sermons section.