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Elders are Cross Sound Church’s servant leaders, charged with shepherding the flock and overseeing the operations.  Special emphasis is focused on guarding the theological integrity of the church and its programs along with necessary discipline.  Our teaching elder is Dave Sellers.

Bruce Berkimer     bruce@jhrco.com
Tom Crane            thomaslee.crane@lexisnexis.com
Rick Maguire         rmaguire@microsoft.com
Rob Zawoysky      rszawoysky@gmail.com
Daniel Morris         danielmorrismd@gmail.com
Roger Barber        irbarbers@gmail.com
Knox Duncan        knox.duncan@wdcw.com


Deacons provide service and sympathy after the example of our Lord Jesus, ministering to the sick, the friendless and any who may be in distress, both inside and outside of the church.

Ione Barber          Gregg Dawson         Bill Morris
Martin Bayley       Bob Cordell              Glenda Rose
Tony Caron          Steve Frease            Kristin Province
Carol Raney         Beth Johnston          Larry Asher
Noelle Cooper      Greg Livdahl

Martin Bayley (Deacon Chairman)
contact: mcb1776@hotmail.com

You can see the ways Cross Sound is supporting our community through our Distribution Chart

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Stephen Ministry
Stephen Ministers offer care and support to people experiencing grief, sickness, divorce, job loss, loneliness, disability relocation and other life difficulties.    These men and women are trained to provide Christ-centered, high quality, confidential care and encouragement.

Joel Narva (Stephen Ministry Director)
If you know of someone wanting a good listener, contact Ernie at 206-478-6207.