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Here are some of the endeavors that the church supports or which members are involved in, besides supporting church-planting locally:

Redeemer Church/Mexico City
Victor and Teresa Cruz, children: Hugo & Fernanda
Contact: Victor Cruz (bichox67@hotmail.com )
Mission Statement: To establish a vital church in center city with the goal of seeing countless lives transformed by the power of the gospel, leaders trained, and new churches started so that the character and culture of the city will be renewed for the benefit of the people and the glory of God.
March 2015 Update
October 2015 Update
March 2016 Update
July 2016 Update
December 2016 Update
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Homes of Hope/Ensenada
Contact: Tom Crane (tom@tilz.com )
Mission Statement: Building God’s Kingdom One Brick at a Time. Cross Sound Church partners and works with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) by sending teams of volunteers to Enenada to build homes for families in need. Each year about 75 team members have traveled over Thanksgiving week to Ensenada to build these homes.

International Church Planting Center /Cuba
Contact: Greg Abell (grega@somtg.com )
International Contact: Allen Thompson (jallenth5@gmail.com )
Mission Statement: Church Planting International (CPI) is a nonprofit missions organization dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel to those who have yet to hear it and helping to build churches where none currently exist. We work with approximately 40 native missionaries in Mexico, Peru and Uganda, co-laboring in ministries that include church planting, leadership training, missionary sending, compassion and short-term mission teams.
Cuba Newsletter Fall 2012  –  The effects of Hurricane Sandy
Cuba Newsletter Feb 2013  –  Entering the Battle Field
Cuba Newsletter May/June 2013 – 4 Things You Helped Us Accomplish in 2012
Cuba Newsletter Feb 2015 – Iglesia Evangelica
Cuba Newsletter May 2015 – Church Planting Visit

New Horizons – website
Contact: Nancy Kirkwood (njkirkwood@gmail.com )
Mission Statement: New Horizon’s goal is partnering with youth to exit street life. Inspired by the love of Jesus, New Horizons has partnered with Seattle’s homeless youth on their journey toward sustainability since 1978.

First Aid Arts – website
Contact: Curtis Romjue (cromjue@firstaidarts.org )
Mission Statement: First Aid Arts exists to equip trauma care providers with arts based tools and training
and strives to help create a world where wounded hearts heal beautifully.

Nehemiah International /Kenya – website
Contact: Greg Livdahl (Greg@fairbankconstruction.com )
Mission Statement: Building a generation after God’s heart by reaching out to the vulnerable, orphans and children living under difficult circumstances, so as to increase their access to opportunities that exist around them.

Jon and Kate Bonker/Bangladesh – website
Contact: Jon Bonker (jonbonker@swissmail.org )
Mission Statement: Mission To the World is all about sharing the good news and the love of Jesus with those who need his touch by joining with local believers around the world to reach the least reached.

Suquamish Kitchen
Contact: Trish Maguire(cpmetr@msn.com )
Mission Statement: Cross Sound Church members prepare and serve meals bi-monthly to neighbors in Suquamish who need both the nutrition and the fellowship that are offered when we gather together.

Mothers Of Preschoolers – website
Contact: Kerri Koneig(kbkoenig@icloud.com )
Mission Statement: MOPS is an international organization which encourages and equips moms of young children to realize their potential as mothers, women and leaders, in relationship with Jesus, and in partnership with the local church.

Summer in the USA /Basque – website
Contact: Chip Halbert(cphalbert@gmail.com )
Mission Statement: Learning English, Having Fun, Making Friends, Becoming Family. Providing a premier English immersion and cultural exchange program that enriches the people of Basque Country. Developing relationships and engaging the Basques, an unreached people group, with the Gospel.

Reformed University Fellowship at the University of Washington – website
Contact: Drew Burdette, campus minister(drew.burdette@ruf.org )
Mission Statement: More than just a ministry on the university campus, RUF seeks to be a ministry for the university. We strive to serve in this unique stage of a student’s life in the world they live in, exploring together how the Lordship of Christ informs every area of life.

WyldLife / Young Life of Bainbridge / North Kitsap – website
Contact: WyldLife-Robin Duncan(duncanfamily1@msn.com )
Contact: Young Life-James Province(james@provincefamily.com )
Mission Statement: WyldLife & Young Life are relational ministries, meeting middle and high school students where they are at and inviting them to fun events, camps, and providing an opportunity to meet Jesus and grow in their faith.


Cross Sound Children’s Ministry – website
Contact: Jennifer Cordell(rjcordell5@yahoo.com )
Mission Statement: Our Cross Sound Children’s ministry goal is to partner with families as we reach out to children and draw them into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus Christ and with their church; and to train, resource and support those who minister to children.

Cross Sound Youth Ministry – website
Contact: Josh Brouwer(josh@crossound.org )
Mission Statement: Together, growing young men and women into life-long followers of Jesus, committed to His church, and engaged in restoring God’s world.

Cross Sound Men’s Ministry – website
Contact: Jim Bernardin(j.bernardin@comcast.net )
Mission Statement: The Men’s ministry at Cross Sound Church is, “To engage men in order to move closer to Jesus and become more like Him and to reproduce disciples, husbands, fathers, leaders, church members who impact our world for Jesus’ purpose and glory.”

Cross Sound Women’s Ministry – website
Contact: Marit Krueger(marit@crosssound.org )
Mission Statement: Women’s Ministry at Cross Sound Church is committed to encouraging and equipping women to share the transforming presence of Jesus Christ, both inside and outside the Church.
Barb Ames, Krista Schei, Jennifer Cordell, Natalie Martini, Nancy Pearson and Marit Krueger.

Cross Sound Church, Stephen Ministry – website
Contact: Carolyn Gillick(clgillick@embarqmail.com )
Mission Statement: Stephen’s ministers of Cross Sound Church offer care and support to people experiencing grief, sickness, divorce, job loss, loneliness, disability, relocation and other life difficulties. These men and women are trained to provide Christ-centered, high quality, confidential care and encouragement.

Cross Sound Church, Deacon Ministry – website
Contact: Martin Bayley(mcb1776@hotmail.com )
Mission Statement: Deacons of Cross Sound Church provide service and sympathy after the example of our Lord, Jesus Christ, ministering to the sick, the friendless and any who may be in distress both inside and outside of the church.