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Who We Are

Blessed to be a Blessing: "And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing." – Genesis 12:2

In other words, we are blessed by God to be a blessing to others, through sacrificial love and service. Rooted in the belief that the historic Christian Gospel is true, compelling, and promises to change lives powerfully, in the direction of freedom, hope, and generosity, our theological commitments are evangelical and Reformed. As evangelicals we are committed to the authority of Scripture and the priority of God’s grace. Our Reformed heritage is reflected in such documents as the Westminster Catechism of Faith and the Heidelberg Catechism.

Our approach to ministry is outward – intentionally partnering with community institutions and other ministries in our area and throughout the world to meet the needs of people in many places. This includes feeding the hungry, providing medical care for the sick, serving the poor and planting new churches – both globally and locally.

We are a body of believers seeking to be both “salt and light” in our communities and around the world.

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Our Purpose

Astonished by grace, Cross Sound Church is unified in God to bring hope and healing to the world.

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meet Our Pastors

Committed to Building Relationships and Sharing the Good News

Seller Family

Dave Sellers

Pastor at Cross Sound Church

His heart for people and desire to communicate the Gospel are hallmarks of his ministry. Dave has a longing-for both those outside the church and those who have grown up in the church – that all experience the astonishing freedom of the gospel of Jesus. A graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, Dave has continued his studies through Reformed Theological Seminary. He is married to Carrie, who is an enormous support to him along with their four children: Emma, Eli, Grace and Isaac. Together, as a family, they are involved in Foster Care.


Pastor at Cross Sound Church

Dave is a Pacific Northwest transplant — an identical twin who grew up in the Washington, DC area, and met and married a Seattle native named Laura. Dave has been in ministry for 22 years and has a great passion for God’s grace, God’s Word, and God’s church. He and his wife love sharing their lives, and sharing in the lives of others. Together, they have been captivated by Jesus, and love to love others in Him. They are also the proud parents of three wonderful and rambunctious boys; Andrew, Caden and William. 
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Worship Lead

Jillian and her husband, Drew, have 3 daughters: Chloe, Charlie and Chyla, and live in Suquamish. Jillian has lived on Bainbridge Island and in North Kitsap for the past 30 years and is an alum of BHS where she met Drew in jazz choir! Jillian has been part of CSC from the church's very beginning while Drew has been drumming for us for the past 15 years.

Jillian is the Area Director of Young Life in Kitsap County. Many of you are involved or familiar with YL — an  international relational ministry that Jesus has used to reach countless numbers of high school and middle school students. CSC has been financially and prayerfully supporting Young Life for the past 25 years. We're thrilled by the possibility of students inside and outside of our church being invited into leading in worship at a new level! Contact Jillian

Josh Brouwer

Youth Director

Josh has been a paper boy, cashier, fry cook, janitor, mechanic and carpenter, served in the U.S. Coast Guard, and trained and worked as a skilled cabinet maker. “It took me 34 years to have the courage to follow God down the path I believe he wants me to go down. It is and will no doubt continue to be a scary path at times, but the grace I have felt and the things I have seen let me know that this path is what will lead to unimaginable love and grace.” Josh is married to Jamie and enjoys life with their sons, Eli and Jonah.
Contact Josh.



Women's Ministry Lead, Curriculum Coordinator

Ashley comes to Bainbridge by way of Illinois, Colorado, Spain and lands in between. After 10 years as a high school social studies teacher, she took off to explore the world. But she has discovered it's not the places she visits but the people she meets along the way that make the travel experience rich. She is passionate about travel, hospitality, and exploring what makes people come alive and the unique gifts God has bestowed on each of us. She and her husband, Josh, are grateful to have found community and fellowship at Cross Sound.  Contact Ashley

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Children's Worship Lead

I have been married to my beautiful wife Lisa for 41 years. I am the youngest of three boys and the Good Lord saw fit to bless me with four daughters – and I love it! My favorite thing in life is being a husband and father and I am officially listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Most Blessed Dad.” I have been serving with preschool and elementary-aged kids for almost 50 years and for the last 10 years I have taught 5th grade at Gateway Christian School in Poulsbo. Writing and recording songs about the Lord is a passion dear to my heart.


It has been said that the gospel is “one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread” and that is what motivates me to work with kids. The God of the universe came on a rescue mission to save this beggar from my sin, and my highest calling is to invite kids to know and love the God who saves.

Contact Bill


kristin dafoe

Office Administrator

Kristin values the relationships this church has fostered as well as the opportunities it has provided to serve: as current office administrator and occasionally in Women’s and Children's Ministries. Kristin is excited to use her 20 years experience in branding, marketing and management to glorify God, strengthen the Church, and connect more deeply with the local community. An East Coast native, Kristin loves being near the water, in a small town setting, just enjoying and participating God's beautiful creation with her husband and children.
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trish maguire


Trish is a New Jersey native who came to the Pacific Northwest as a young Navy wife. She has an eye for detail, is a collector of relationships, and enjoys being around and investing in people. Her passions include spending time with her family, staying current in world events, and volunteering in many community and school related organizations. Trish also organizes Cross Sound’s Suquamish Community Kitchen outreach. She has been married to her husband, Rick, for 33 years and they have seven children: Emily, Matthew, Patrick, Caitlin, Oleg, Sveta, and Marina. 
Contact Trish.



CS Kids Co-Lead

Suzanne is excited to be part of this team and of all God is doing in CS Kids! She looks forward to serving  kids and families. Suzanne grew up in New Mexico and moved to Seattle in 2002 for the purpose of graduate school at UW (and whitewater kayaking.) She lives in Hansville with her husband Jeremy and two boys Wyatt and Jack. They enjoy sailing, backpacking, all kinds of music but especially bluegrass, homeschooling, and being helpful in the community. They’ve been attending Cross Sound Church since 2021 and are so glad to call it their church home. 

Contact Suzanne



CS Kids Co-Lead

Originally born in India, Brooke has been drawn to live in other countries throughout her life but she has never felt so at home as she does here. Brooke’s heart has always been especially turned towards kids. Whether working in Children’s Inpatient Psych, in a Juvenile Jail, with Young Life, as a Therapist at the Union Gospel Mission or doing art therapy at New Horizons Youth Shelter, she says, “It is one of the most important things in my life that each kid feels like they are loved just as they are. I would love for us to be a church where all of you younger generation feels known, feels heard and I would love for you to feel blessed by us and the LORD, to lead us all.” Brooke's favorite people are her husband Jim and their daughters Simone and Blaise who each love and forgive her greatly everyday. 

Contact Brooke



Spiritual Formation and Care

Katie was born and raised on the island, and attended Cross Sound Church for nearly 20 years between moves that have taken her family up and down the west coast. Now empty nesters, she and Kevin have returned home to stay! Katie’s experience includes Director of Leadership Development for a global wellness organization, facilitating and teaching at retreats for ministries around the country, creating faith-based curriculum, and founding a Christ-centered leadership and life coaching business called Be New.

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Meet Our Staff

Committed to Building Relationships and Sharing the Good News

our core values

We Are Convinced the Gospel Can Change Anyone at Anytime

What is the Gospel? It is the good news of the entrance, infiltration, and even gentle invasion of God’s Kingdom into our present reality. We know this because the King has come. He lived the life we should have lived, died the death we deserved to die, rose from the dead and then ascended into heaven. Even now He rules in our hearts by His Spirit.

When a person trusts Jesus, he or she is no longer defined by their sin, but by His righteousness. If you look around at our congregation, what you see is a diverse group of people who have been changed, are being changed, or will soon be changed by the Gospel. Knowing that the Gospel can change any person or institution gives us courage to proclaim it boldly. Knowing that it is God who changes people, gives us humility.

We Are Seeking the Peace and Prosperity of our Communities

We believe that Christians should not simply stand above or against or in the midst of their communities, but should stand as agents of God for the welfare of their communities. Only as the Gospel permeates our hearts and minds will it permeate our communities. As Jesus reconciles us to God, we serve our communities longing for them to be better places because our church is here.
(Jeremiah 29:7)

We Are a Multi-Generational Community

God has planted us in a community that places a high priority on the nurture and development of children, as well as a community with older people, and our church intentionally reflects and thrives on those differences.
(Ephesians s 4:6)

Every Member is a Minister

We are a community of disciple makers, equipping every member to serve others and minister to the needs around them.

We Are a Gospel Culture

Cross Sound Church is a safe place to be open about our wounds, doubts, hopes and joys. One member said it this way: "Cross Sound is a great place to fall apart and an even better place to be put back together again."

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