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Stewarding our Resources for the Kingdom of God

Cross Sound Church’s new online giving makes your tithes and offerings to the church easier than ever.
Click on the button below to make a one-time gift or re-occurring gift
via checking/savings account withdrawal, debit or credit card.

Where does my giving to Cross Sound Church go?

General Operating Fund: Giving to Cross Sound Church goes to our General Operation Fund. This fund makes possible the day-to-day ministry and service of our church.


Special Giving: periodically, we have the opportunity to give to specific designations as initiatives become available.

How Do I Give?

Online Giving: Online giving allows for a specific dollar amount to be given on a one-time basis or an ongoing basis deducted automatically through a checking or savings account. This option is also safe and secure.


Mail To or Drop by the Church Office: Mail your donation to Cross Sound Church; 600 Erickson Ave, Ste 210, Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110. Be sure to include your name and address on the check or envelope so you may receive a donation credit for tax purpose.

How does Cross Sound Church Assure Financial Accountability?

We are committed to wise and faithful stewardship that is above reproach, with full accountability and disclosure to anyone at anytime. We do this through a budgeting and reporting process.   

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