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2023-10-01 Genesis: Here Comes the Bride!
2023-09-24 Genesis: The Breath of Life
2023-09-17 Guest Speaker
2023-09-10 Genesis: Light
2023-09-03 The Humbling Power of Repentance 
2023-08-27 Revelation: Come, Lord Jesus!
2023-08-20 Revelation: The New World
2023-08-13 Revelation: A New Heaven and New Earth
2023-08-06 Revelation: A Chain, Thrones, and Satan’s End
2023-07-30 Revelation: The Wedding
2023-07-24 Revelation: Beauty And The Beast
2023-07-16 Revelation: It Is Done
2023-07-09 Revelation: Worship
2023-07-02 Revelation: Deadly Serious Faith
2023-06-25 Revelation: The Unseen Battle
2023-06-18 Revelation: Eat This Book
2023-06-11 Revelation: Sealed
2023-06-04 Revelation: Heaven's Song
2023-05-28 Pentacost: The Way of the Spirit
2023-05-21 Revelation: Behind The Curtain
2023-05-14 Revelation: Jesus Wins
2023-05-07 In View of God's Mercies
2023-04-30 From Worry to Wonder: Investing Wisely
2023-04-23 The Grace of Giving
2023-04-16 A Man Called Love: The Man Who Missed Easter
2023-04-09 Easter Sunday: Resurrection Life 
2023-04-07 Good Friday Service
2023-03-26 A Man Called Love: The New World
2023-03-19 A Man Called Love: To Your Advantage
2023-03-12 A Man Called Love: Love and Hate
2023-03-05 A Man Called Love: My Friends
2023-02-26 A Man Called Love: Connected
2023-02-19 A Man Called Love: Peace
2023-02-12 A Man Called Love: Another Helper
2023-02-05 A Man Called Love: The Purpose of Life
2023-01-29 A Man Called Love: Glory & Love
2023-01-22 A Man Called Love: A Solemn Word
2023-01-15 A Man Called Love: Washing Feet
2023-01-08 The Great and Powerful Gift of God's Word
2023-01-01 Certainty
2022-12-24 Christmas Eve: Family Service
2022-12-24 Christmas Eve: Carols & Candlelight Service
2022-12-18 Annual Nativity Play
2022-12-11 A Christmas Surprise: A King In A Manger
2022-12-04 A Christmas Surprise: Scandal
2022-11-27 Annual Giving Thanks Service
2022-11-20 How People Change: Planting, Watering and Growth
2022-11-13 How People Change: Wisdom
2022-11-06 How People Change: Our Weakness - God's Power
2022-10-30 How People Change: Boasting
2022-10-23 How People Change: The Foolish Cross
2022-10-16 How People Change: Deep Breathing the Gospel
2022-10-09 How People Change: What's In A Name?
2022-10-02 How People Change: Seeing Grace
2022-09-25 How People Change: Grace and Peace
2022-09-18 A Farewell Blessing
2022-09-11 Vision: How God's Creating A Different World
2022-09-04 Surprising Joy: True Contentment in a Discontented World
2022-08-28 Surprising Joy: An Invitation to Feast
2022-08-21 Surprising Joy: Defiant Joy
2022-08-14 Surprising Joy: A Helpful Hand
2022-08-07 Surprising Joy: Citizens of Heaven
2022-07-31 Surprising Joy: The Surpassing Worth!
2022-07-24 Surprising Joy: Two Lives - Two Examples
2022-07-17 Surprising Joy: Shining Like Stars
2022-07-10 Surprising Joy: Death for Life
2022-07-03 Surprising Joy: There You Are!
2022-06-26 Surprising Joy: This Is The Life
2022-06-19 Surprising Joy: Deep Spiritual Friendships
2022-06-12 Surprising Joy: Meet The Church!
2022-06-05 Who Is My Neighbor Today?
2022-05-29 Resurrection: What Now? Strength
2022-05-22 Resurrection: What Now? Follow Me
2022-05-15 Resurrection: What Now? Eyes Wide Opened
2022-05-08 Resurrection: What Now? Power
2022-05-01 Resurrection: What Now? Easter Living
2022-04-24 Resurrection: What Now? ...and the life
2022-04-17 Resurrection: Easter Sunday
2022-04-15 Good Friday
2022-04-14 Maundy Thursday
2022-04-10 The Triumphal Entry
2022-04-03 Why Church? Join The Party!
2022-03-27 Why Church? The Sending God
2022-03-20 Why Church? Dripping, Flowing, Flooding
2022-03-13Why Church? Gospel Partners
2022-03-06 Why Church? I Rejoiced When They Said to Me
2022-03-02 Ash Wednesday Service
2022-02-27 Why Church? Appreciation
2022-02-20 Why Church? Trailblazer
2022-02-13 Why Church? Community
2022-02-06 Why Church? Presence Matters
2022-01-30 Why Church? A Peculiar Family
2022-01-16 Why Church? You are the Body of Christ
2022-01-09 Why Church?
2022-01-02 God Breathed
2021-12-24  Christmas Eve Carols & Candlelight Service 7pm
2021-12-24  Christmas Eve Family Service 4pm
2021-12-19  Annual Christmas Pageant
2021-12-12  Look Who's Coming to (Christmas) Dinner! Unlikely Guests
​2021-12-05  Look Who's Coming to (Christmas) Dinner! Mary and the Wise Men
​2021-11-28  Annual Gratitude Service: Happy Thanksgiving!
​2021-11-21 The Gospel in Philemon
​2021-11-14 A New Beginning: What Now? God Is Jealous
​2021-11-07 A New Beginning: What Now? Love
​2021-10-31 A New Beginning: What Now? Mystery
​2021-10-24 A New Beginning: What Now? The Great Wisdom of God 
​2021-10-17 Surprising Goodness
​2021-10-10 A New Beginning: What Now? Patience
​2021-10-03 A New Beginning: What Now? Sovereignty
​2021-09-26 A New Beginning: What Now? The Presence of God
​2021-09-19 A New Beginning: What Now? Put On Christ
​2021-09-12 A New Beginning: What Now? Joy
​2021-09-05 A New Beginning: What Now? Compassion
​2021-08-29 A New Beginning: What Now? God Is Holy
2021-08-22 A New Beginning: What Now? Glory
​2021-08-15 A New Beginning: What Now? 20 / 20
​2021-08-08 A New Beginning: Seeking the Peace & Prosperity of our Cities
​2021-08-01 A Core Value: We are a Gospel Culture where it’s Safe to be Open about our Wounds, Doubts, Hopes and Joys
​2021-07-25 A New Beginning: We are a Multi-Generational Community
​2021-07-18 A New Beginning: Living A Christian Life
​2021-07-11 A New Beginning: Requirements for God’s Mission
​2021-06-13 A New Beginning: What Now? The Great Invitation
​2021-06-06 A New Beginning: What Now? Blessed to Bless
​2021-05-30 Church Without Walls: Easter Implications #8

2021-05-23 Church Without Wall: The Meaning of Pentecost
​2021-05-16 Church Without Walls: Easter Implications #6
​2021-05-09 Church Without Walls: That You May Love
​2021-05-02 Church Without Walls: Easter Implications #4
​2021-04-25 Church Without Walls: Easter Implications #3
2021-04-18 Church Without Walls: The Transforming Love of Jesus
2021-04-11 Church Without Walls: Easter Implications
2021-04-04 Easter Together! Resurrection
2021-04-02 Good Friday
2021-04-01 Maundy Thursday
2021-03-28 Church Without Walls: Who Is Jesus?
2021-03-21 Church Without Walls: Forgetting & Remembering
2021-03-14 Church Without Walls: The Hospitality of God
2021-03-07 Church Without Walls: Easter Now!
2021-02-28 Church Without Walls: Hands and Hearts
2021-02-21 Church Without Walls: Masks
2021-02-17 Ash Wednesday Service
2021-02-14 Church Without Walls: Big Wave Riders
2021-02-07 Church Without Walls: Satisfied By Jesus
2021-01-31 Church Without Walls: Persecution
2021-01-24 Church Without Walls: Sweat and Blood
2021-01-17 Church Without Walls: Kingdom Confidence, Commitment & Joy
2021-01-10 Church Without Walls: Wheat & Weeds
2021-01-03 Church Without Walls: Living A Fruitful Life
2020-12-27 Church Without Walls: Famous Last Words
2020-12-24 Christmas Eve: Lessons & Carols
2020-12-20 A Stripped Down Christmas
2020-12-13 Travel Light
2020-12-06 A Necessary Christmas
2020-11-29 Happy Thanksgiving!
2020-11-22 Church Without Walls: Thanksgiving Every Day
2020-11-08 Church Without Walls: Big Idea: Love
2020-11-01 Church Without Walls: Politics, Meet Love
2020-10-25 Church Without Walls: Hope
2020-10-18 Church Without Walls: Faith
2020-10-11 Church Without Walls: Filled
2020-10-04 Church Without Walls: World War
2020-09-27 Church Without Walls: One Another: Resurrection
2020-09-20 Church Without Walls: Pray for One Another
2020-09-13 Church Without Walls: One Another: God at Work
2020-09-06 Church Without Walls: One Another: Hospitality
2020-08-30 Church Without Walls: Bear One Another's Burdens
2020-08-23 Church Without Walls: One Another: Love and Good Deeds
2020-08-16 Church Without Walls: One Another: Serve
2020-08-09 Church Without Walls: Greet & Welcome One Another
2020-08-02 Church Without Walls: One Another: Encourage
2020-07-26 Church Without Walls: One Another: Forgive
2020-07-19 Church Without Walls: Be Devoted to One Another
2020-07-12 Church Without Walls: One Another: Kindness/Forgiveness
2020-07-05 Church Without Walls: One Another: Love
2020-06-28 Church Without Walls: A Jesus Shaped Life
2020-06-21 Church Without Walls: Image of God, Part 2
2020-06-14 Church Without Walls: Image of God
2020-06-07 Church Without Walls: New Every Morning
2020-05-31 Pentecost Sunday: Ghost Stories #6
2020-05-24 Church Without Walls: Ghost Stories #5
2020-05-17 Church Without Walls: The Power of the Holy Spirit
2020-05-10 Church Without Walls: Ghost Stories #3
2020-05-03 Church Without Walls: Ghost Stories #2
2020-04-26 Church Without Walls: After Easter
2020-04-19 Church Without Walls: Giving Thanks, Really?
2020-04-12 Easter Sunday: Good News
2020-04-10 Good Friday
2020-04-09 Maundy Thursday
2020-04-05 Palm Sunday: The Two Cups
2020-03-29 Church Without Walls
2020-03-22 Church Without Walls: How Much More
2020-03-01 Church Without Walls: Woe!
2020-02-23 Church Without Walls: Something Greater
2020-02-16 Church Without Walls: All Things New
2020-02-09 Church Without Walls: Ask, Seek, Knock
2020-02-02 Church Without Walls: Teach Us To Pray
2020-01-26 Church Without Walls: Hospitality Gone Wild
2020-01-19 Church Without Walls: Living On Jericho Road
2020-01-12 Church Without Walls: Joy
2020-01-05 Church Without Walls: Getting Out


2019-12-29 What Do You Need?
2019-12-24 Christmas ​Eve: Candlelight Service
2019-12-24 Christmas ​Eve: Family Service
2019-12-22 Pageant: The Christmas Story
2019-12-15 Disruption: Favor
2019-12-08 Disruption: The Family of Jesus
2019-12-01 Disruption: Thanksgiving Service
2019-11-24 Disruption: Follow Me
2019-11-17 Disruption: The Beauty of Broken
2019-11-10 Disruption: A Tale of Two Houses
2019-11-03 Disruption: Back From The Dead Tonight
2019-10-20 Disruption:The Cost of Identification
2019-10-13 Disruption:Weighed Down
2019-10-06 Disruption: Seeing
2019-09-29 Disruption: Why Does God Disrupt?
2019-09-22 Disruption: Go
2019-09-15 What We Know: Part 2
2019-09-08 The Gift of Life
2019-03-10 Rediscovering The Gospel
2019-03-03 Dealing With The Roots
2019-02-24 Inside Out Living
2019-02-17 Upside Down and Right Side Up
2019-02-03 Blessed!
2019-01-27 The Power of Small
2019-01-20 Our Rep
2019-01-13 Prepare the Way
2019-01-06 On the Run


2018-12-24 Lessons & Carols
2018-12-24 Loves Comes Down on Christmas
2018-12-23 The Songs of Christmas
2018-12-16 The Revolutionary Song of Mary (Pageant)
2018-12-09 The Servant Song
2018-12-02 What Kind of Advent Will You Have?
2018-11-25 Thanksgiving
2018-11-18 Friendship with God
2018-11-11 Unholy Cow!
2018-10-28 Life of Freedom
2018-10-14 God Comes Down
2018-10-07 Testing 1...2
2018-09-30 Slavery or Freedom
2018-09-16 Encouragements for the Journey
2018-09-09 The Hidden God...Revealed
2018-09-02 Rescue
2018-08-26 Go Big & Go Home
2018-08-19 Surprised By Story
2018-08-19 Surprised By Story
2018-08-12 Money, Money, Money
2018-08-05 Our Center & Our Boast
2018-07-29 Who Are You To Judge?
2018-07-22 But He Gives More Grace
2018-07-08 False Wisdom and True Wisdom
2018-07-01 Just Sayin'
2018-06-24 Growing in Grace
2018-06-17 Favoritism & The Royal Law
2018-06-10 Truth
2018-06-03 Struggles
2018-05-27 The Fruit & Cultivation of Hope
2018-05-20 Where is Your Place in God's World?
2018-05-13 One Thing Counts
2018-05-06 The Fruit & Cultivation of Hope
2018-04-29 Anchored
2018-04-22 Family Matters
2018-04-15 Hope in Suffering – Joy Inexpressible
2018-04-08 Got Hope?
2018-04-01 Resurrection
2018-03-25 Entrance of the King
2018-03-18 Shocked and Rocked by Grace
2018-03-11 Sex, Betrayal, and Murder
2018-03-04 Grace Upon Grace
2018-02-25 Holiness
2018-02-18 Community
2018-02-11 David's Near Disaster
2018-02-04 Affliction
2018-01-28 Walking in the Dark:
                    How do you walk by faith when God keeps you in the dark?
2018-01-21 Friends
2018-01-14 A Champion
2018-01-07 The Anointing of David
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