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VIDeo info

This page provides information for submitting videos for the Sunday worship service.

Video Deadline

Saturday by 2pm (except by prior arrangement)

Video Recording Instructions

  1. Record in landscape mode at either 720p (1280x720) or 1080p (1920x1080) resolution using .mp4, .m4v or .mov format.  This is the norm on most phones, computers, and video cameras.  4k resolution is too be too big to upload.

  2. Using your smart phone is the easiest option for most people and provides good videos.

  3. Use a tripod or other stable platform. 

  4. Generally frame for head and top half of torso with the camera near eye level.

  5. Avoid bright backlighting.  Daylighting is best.

  6. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode to avoid interruptions and dings.

  7. Be careful of wind, planes, or traffic noise if you record outside.

  8. Pause for a couple seconds after starting the video and before stopping it so we can edit out the part of turning on/off the camera if you’re doing it yourself.

  9. Do a test recording to verify video and audio.  Feel free to upload a test in advance if you want to verify.

Video Submission Options

Here are a few recommended options to submit your video.  We strongly recommend the first two.

  1. WeTransfer: ( on your computer or phone. This is free and you don't have to sign-up, but will need to verify your email after sending. 

  2. NEW Google Drive Folder:​

    • Use your computer browser or install the Google Drive app on your phone.

    • You will need to log in using a Google or GMail account.​

  3. Email: for short videos to  This option varies depending on your email service.

  4. Other File Sharing Service: Email a link or invite to

Video Team

Live Stream Team Schedule

  • 7/25/2021: Jack Ryan

  • 8/01/2021: Andrew O'Connell (Brian Hilst)

  • 8/08/2021: Brian Hilst

  • 8/15/2021: Jack Ryan

  • 8/22/2021: Jack Ryan

  • 8/29/2021: Andrew O'Connell (Brian Hilst)

  • 9/05/2021: Jack Ryan

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