• Memorial Day observation 10:45AM at BHS War Memorial Memorial Day observation 10:45AM at BHS War Memorial (next to high school LGI but across from the gym). Followed by free event at American Legion Hall with guest Speaker, light refreshments & raising of flag. 7880 NE Bucklin Hill Rd (next to firestation)
  • Annual "Blessed to be a Blessing" Pentecost Missions Fair, Sunday June 4 Annual "Blessed to be a Blessing" Pentecost Missions Fair, Sunday June 4 Join us after church for our annual Pentecost Missions Fair. Cake walk, potluck and Bbq, live music, opportunities to share stories about God’s glory as experienced on mission. If your group is interested in having a table at the fair please contact Penny Daniels (penny@crosssound.org) We will celebrate together with good food, music, and stories being shared! Please plan to bring cakes or treats! Pastor Victor Cruz will be here too!
  • The Gospel Can Change Anyone at Anytime
  • Astonished by Grace, Cross Sound Church is United in God to Bring Hope and Healing to the World
  • We’re Seeking the Peace and Prosperity of Cities
  • We’re a Multi-Generational Community
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Welcome to Cross Sound Church

We are a church rooted in the belief that the historic Christian Gospel is true, compelling, and promises to change our lives in powerful, positive ways. Our faith moves us in the direction of freedom, hope, and generosity. That’s good news because, from top to bottom, we are people who don’t have it all together.

The Gospel tells us that God’s kingdom has entered history in order to renew us and the world. More than entering God’s kingdom, the Gospel is also the way we face every struggle in life, every decision, and make progress in personal growth.
Cross Sound Church desires to be filled with both believers and non-believers who together are exploring the claims of the Gospel and its effects on our lives and on our world.

Our aim in worship is both ancient and modern: ancient, with liturgy that connects us to the church of old and those who have gone before us -- and modern, making worship accessible and meaningful across generations. Underneath it all is our desire to be God honoring.

Connecting to Our Community

Cross Sound is a church that loves our cities: Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Silverdale and Seattle. We desire to show God’s mercy to people who are flawed like we are flawed and demonstrate the good news of the Gospel of grace.

We “seek the peace and prosperity” of our cities (Jeremiah 29:7) and strive to be a church, not for ourselves, but for others. What that looks like is a congregation that not only welcomes people in, but goes out in everyday life to serve in existing community organizations and ministries for the peace and prosperity of this community God has blessed us to be part of.

To learn more about how Cross Sound Church reaches out to those around us to make our community a better place, visit our Community page, or Contact Us.

Upcoming Events

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