How is Cross Sound Church responding, now that COVID-19, a global life-threatening pandemic, is upon us? How are we to think about where we are in life? What are we to do?
Here are some ways to stay connected, serving those in- and outside of our church:


Connect more deeply with God, as family, with our weekday devotionals. Read, sing and pray.


We are encouraging all of CSC to pray daily at noon beginning with 2 minutes of silence and then as the Lord leads.


If you're interested in participating in an on-line small group meeting, contact us.


Tithes & 

For members of Cross Sound

... we encourage you to financially give to the church if you are able as we continue to support our missionaries and staff, globally and locally.

connect with us

Our staff is eager to talk with you

News of the Coronavirus is coming at a blistering speed from every direction. The implication of so much information can feel overwhelming. 


Community Connection

For an update on how we're serving those inside and outside of the church, click here.


Church Activities

There's an activity for everyone at Cross Sound Church.

Tithes & offerings


Sundays, Online
...until gatherings are permitted again at:

The Gym at Sakai Intermediate School

9343 Sportsman Club Rd NE

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Service Location


Church Administration Office

600 Ericksen Ave NE

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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